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Industrial Products

Cable Ties, Loom Tube , Tapes, Lugs ,Pre Insulated  Terminals, Heatshrink and Nylon Conduit

Nylon cable ties

we have large range from 100mm up to 760mm long ties and many in between.

Split Loom Tube

We carry 7mm , 10mm, 16mm ,20mm 25 mm , 36 mm and 48 mm all in varying roll sizes we can also arrange your own size roll as well with a lead time.

PVC Tape

  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • black
  • green/yellow
  • silver and mixed

Pre-Insulated Terminals

We have a comprehensive product range and  knowledge  to help you with your needs.


We can help you with access to the complete nashua and Styles range of tapes.


We have lugs from 1.5mm to 95mm with various hole sizes

Heat Shrink

We have arrange of heat shrink from 1mm to 51mm to help with all your need just ask .

Nylon Conduit

We have arrange of nylon conduits that nylon6/6 ip rated from 10mm to 32mm


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